Pregnancy – The 2nd Trimester

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Well begun is half done they say. Since your are past the scary and ugly first trimester, now is the time you can be more relaxed and focus more on yourself and nurturing the baby. You will soon find your morning sicknesses fade away and you would feel more energetic and joyful. However this is still an important stage of your pregnancy, and surely your responsibilities continue to be like never before.

Here is a set of tips that you should remember in your 2nd phase of pregnancy.

1. Watch your diet and the appetite: since your diet improves over the 2nd trimester, this is the time to watch out your weight. While you are responsible to provide for the growing baby, it is important to eat right and healthy. You have to focus on getting all your nutrients and strictly avoid fast food.

2. Leg cramps can be common and you can deal with them by stretching, straightening and taking a small walk around the house or in a park. For instant relief, you can try to move your toes up at the time of a cramp and hold it in the position for a few seconds.

3. It is good and healthy to indulge in some “low impact” exercises. Being pregnant does in no way mean that you are prohibited from a workout.  Activities like yoga, swimming, walking are excellent for the mother to be. You can also involve your friends and partner and make it a fun activity. However, it is helpful to consult a doctor who could advise you what kind of exercises might be bad for your condition. Since pregnancy is more of a personalized condition, there is no rule of thumb here. Always remember, what is best for you is the only thing that you need to follow

4. You can even go ahead to perform Kegels that would strengthen your pelvic muscles. Hold on in and squeeze in the muscles for a few seconds and then relax to stop and start to urinate. You can perform this couple of times during the day as the more you train these muscles, the easier your labor would be.

5. Take some time out for love making sessions with your husband. These few weeks are the most comfortable time for you to share some more of those intimate moments. It would only make you feel more bonded and loved which is good for your baby.

And most importantly, do not forget- “you are having a baby”! This is the time to rejoice and enjoy.

While you enjoy this 2nd trimester of your pregnancy, slowly you would also begin to feel that little growing thing inside you, getting more active as it slowly starts kicking you from inside. The feeling, cannot be described, and only felt. And until then, wait for the moment, and enjoy your pregnancy

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