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Being pregnant is all about you, your better half and your future family, it becomes very difficult for pregnant women to think of anything else. This makes a woman quite anxious and stressful about how to announce the world about her new gift of joy. While chosing the appropriate time to tell everyone, one must know the advantages andthe disadvantages of proper timing. Moreover this is probably going to occur very few times in your lifetime,so make sure you announce it with a great and creative way.

Sharing news early

The good part about sharing this news early is that there is a lot of support from your family and friends. One can share this joy with everyone. Also while making decisions, you would get a lot of support and advice from people. Decisions like which medical professional to chose amongst seem much easier when you are discussing this openly with your loved ones.
One main disadvantage of breaking this news too soon is that there may be overwhelming advise. Another disadvantage is that you might not get enough alone time. A pregnant woman in the family is always the focus of attention. This may be really good for you, but could get to you sometimes. Also if one has another child, too much talk about the future addition to the family might make him feel bad, its especially important to chose the right time to tell the child.

Announcement decisions

A main decision when you just become pregnant is deciding whom all to tell. Telling your partner would make your family come closer and give you a greater sense of belonging and a special bond with the unborn child. Your parents should be the next to know, as they have already been through this and know a phetora of information and can guide in the right direction.  A new born baby brings a family together and this should be a grand reason to celebrate.
You should always tell all your close friends and loved ones as they will be the backbone of support to you and the child. They will always be there for your ups and downs throughout this wonderful journey.

Right way to tell your family and friends

Obviously choosing the right way matters quite a lot, sending a mass email would probably steal your thunder away. A more creative and memorable way is always better, and lets not forget, everyone loves surprises. There are tons of creative ways to break this news to your partner or your family. You should always do something that you’ll remember a lifetime. One of the most popular ways is to send a card with the chosen name (if any) and a sonogram.
If you have another child, telling them this news is also very important. One good way of doing this, especially if you are planning on telling them during holidays is to buy an extra present, and when your they ask who it is from, explain the new addition to your family.

Always remember, this is a journey of a lifetime, enjoy it throughly.

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