Best Tips On Getting Pregnant

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The tips on getting pregnant include tips on how to understand your reproductive cycle. Understand conception positions and paying good attention to your health. Pregnancy is the most satisfying experience in a woman’s life and these tips will help you get to the most rewarding journey for you and your partner.

1. Know your most fertile time – In most women, ovulation occurs around 14 days prior to the next period. Thus if the cycle is about 28 days. Then day number 14 would be the most fertile. Similarly for a 30 day cycle it would be day 16.

2. Track your basal body temperature – You can purchase an relatively inexpensive basal thermometer. Use this to track and chart the elevations in your body temperature on getting up each day to find your most fertile time.

3. Watch for cervical mucus – During ovulation and fertile time, there is a egg white like vaginal discharge. By checking yourself daily, this can be the best indication of fertile time.

4. Have sex using the missionary position – The man on top position works best as it works with gravity to maximize the chance of sperm uniting with the egg and causing conception. Another way to improve the chances is to remain on your back after ejaculation with yours legs bent a few minutes. This is done to further maximize semen flow towards the uterus.

5. Eliminate smoking and alcohol – Doing this improves your overall health considerably. Also when you do become pregnant you will not expose the fetus to the harmful effects of alcohol and smoking.

6. You should take a high quality, broad spectrum vitamin/nutritional supplement. This helps fill the dietary gaps that everyone has. The body uses a lot of nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids etc which might not be supplied enough with your daily diet.

7. Adopt a healthy lifestyle – Healthy living is very important. Proper sleep, good diet, proper weight management, good exercise and managing stress will give you a healthy and a more positive experience. At the same time, it will reduce most problems of pregnant women.

And finally, enjoy your time with your partner. Your decision and desire to bring a child to this world will have more significance to you if you take good care of yourself and the unborn child.


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