Childbirth: making the process easy

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The actual process of giving birth is never easy. It is indeed painful and yet a memorable experience for every mother. Bringing in a new life into the world could be rather painful and unpleasant. For some women, the trauma is short lived while it can easily become their worst nightmare for others.  Though today, we are much better placed than what our grandmothers were, it still remains a daunting task, which could be passed by smoothly with a few simple aids and techniques. Now we know a number of approaches that can alleviate the excruciating pain and at times may also get completely rid of it. In an ideal setting, the goal should be to enjoy the experience and not endure. Only then the pregnant womenfolk can experience the true joy it is to create life from within them.

Hydro-birth or delivery is becoming a popular choice, which is based on the science of buoyancy. Being underwater at the time of labor helps reducing the pain during contractions. It enables the lower back muscles to be freed of the pressure in early as well as late stages of labor. One can chose to remain under water preliminarily to as long as throughout the process. Also being a natural way with minimum interference and potential harm to the baby, a birthing pool is definitely an ideal delivery system for those who have dread this moment of truth, all through their life.

Based on a similar principle is a TENS machine. This constitutes of electrode pads that pass electric signals to your lower back that counters the pain signals, thereby reducing the level of pain and muscular discomfort during labor. The current level can be regulated based on the stage of the labor pains experienced. Varied effects have been seen in different women from being extremely useful to a mild and minimum. The devise is usually available in hospitals to rent, but is also cheap for a personal purchase to make sure, there is one for you.

Entonox or a mixture of gas and air is one innovative way to relieve pain. This is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that is inhaled via a pipe whenever needed. It is simple, yet very effective, especially for deliveries with no complications. It can be seen as a distraction and not the actual elimination of pain stressors but it has the advantage of being free of any side effects or drawbacks that are associated with some of the pain reliving drugs.

Another way is to inject a pain relief drug such as epidural. This usually comes in an injection form and is directly injected into the lumbar region of the mother. The drug levels can be regulated and elevated as per subsequent needs but this usually needs to be done under the strict regulation of a doctor. While this drug can interfere with the movement, it restricts the entire process of giving birth to a lying down position. Some modified versions of the drug available now, also enable the mother to take a small stroll to relieve the discomfort.

Another pain relief drug, is Pethidine which is only stronger than the former which restricts its allowed dosage to two. This is one of the strongest pain-reducing alternatives being used today which is very effective but it is not ideal for a labor that lasts more than 6-8 hours. The drug has the capacity to leak into the baby, and though antidotes are now available, restricted use of the drug is suggested.

Ultimately, what works best for you would be more of a personal choice. Most experts suggest use of non invasive techniques as far as possible and avoiding the use of interfering drugs, unless absolutely necessary.

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