How Do You Use A Pregnancy Test?

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Wondering if you are pregnant is something no woman enjoys, regardless of whether this is a planned or unplanned event.  You are bound to be anxious and this often is a very stressful period, making even the best of us snippy and frazzled. Luckily, there are several types of pregnancy tests avaliable that can put an end to the waiting.  Generally, the procedure for conducting a pregnancy test is very simple, and can be performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Though, one should always double check and confirm the results of your home pregnancy test with those tests (blood test) performed by your doctor.

When you become pregnant, an embryo implants in the uterine wall. This releases a hormone and most pregnancy tests which detect based on your urine sample try and detect this hormone. But this hormone can be produced alternatively if the embryo implants in the Fallopian tubes. This is well known as ectopic tubal pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests are of two kinds, one can provide quite accurate results, but can get a little messy. This involves a cup which is used to collect urine, in which a special type of stick or other pregnancy detecting devices are inserted for a period of time(about 1-3 minutes) and after which a color change  or some other markings indicating pregnancy. Another similar method involves eye drops where in a small drop of urine is dropped on a small detecting strip. This technique is a little bit more accurate and a bit faster as well.

Though the above methods are more accurate, another type of pregnancy tests are more popular. Primarily because they involve far lesser steps and it being more convenient. These types of sticks are generally available over the counter and at your local grocery stores. In this technique, the stick is placed directly under a stream of urine for a few seconds (the exact time varies per brand) and then wait a few minutes for the results.
The only issue women had with these stick based tests were that the results were sometimes hard to read. Pharmaceutical companies have come up with digital sticks that give out readings on a small screen.

The most accurate type of tests is a simple blood test. This is done in your health care physicians office. Generally in this test a small amount of blood is removed and tested for the presence of the hormones related to pregnancy. This test must be done in case you get a positive result with one of the home pregnancy tests.

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