The crucial 1st Trimester

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After having all the excitement and celebration of being pregnant sets in, its already the time to endure the consequences. The effects of a growing body inside you, the mood swings, the hormonal changes and much more. These are a few tips which could come very handy in those very first few weeks.

1. Relax and pamper yourself:

It is more than likely that you feel tired, fatigued and worn out very soon in your daily routine. This is the time, you need to give your body lots of rest, sleep and good food. This may also require you to hold back and cancel a few appointments, cut down on those social gatherings, decrease your workload and other responsibilities. It is ideal when you have your partner or family who could share your household work with you and give you some time off to take are of you and your baby. It is also important to not get stressed out or worry too much. You should remember that these would be one of the toughest days and things usually get easier as you reach the 2nd trimester.

2. Don’t hesitate to ask/request or beg your family and dear ones to help you with things that are small but consume time and energy. Prepare an elaborate list of food items and what you would like to eat and ask them to help you prepare those. It is not surprising that during the first trimester you would feel nauseating and wanting to avoid many of the common food items. This gets worse if you are working so having someone take over your evening duties like cooking, cleaning, laundry even a few times in a weak, is very useful.

3. Prepare food in bulk that would last through the week. You would realize that you have flashes of energy bursts, which would last for a very short time. It is wise to utilize those times and stock your refrigerators for those mid night snacks and more importantly the times when you feel, ever so lazy.

4. You would have to try a set of different things to work out what works best for your nausea. What might be great for one is useless for the other. But some common things you could try to help you alleviate your nausea symptoms are early snack up crackers, ginger tea, ginger ale or lemonade. Some might try completely unconventional foodstuff like a grilled cheese sandwich or black licorice. The key is to try different things and help you identify the cure for your morning sickness.

5. Do not look for too many advices. It is foolish to be reading every book on the racks on pregnancy and to be hoping to follow them all. Ask your doctor for one and stick to it. Even if you feel the urge to be consulting a few more sources, don’t get too worked out on every single detail.

And the most important fact to remember is, call your doctor. If in doubt, your physician is the only person who could put those worries to rest.

While you are having a hard time dealing with all these tormenting changes in your body and in your life, don’t forget to fully enjoy your first trimester. You will miss these moments sometime later in your life, so cherish them, take good care and have a great time.

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