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Being pregnant comes with a tremendous load of responsibilities and one of the most important one is having a proper diet all through your pregnancy. Not only do you have to take additional care for your body to support the needs of carrying a baby, but you are also now responsible for feeding into the needs of your developing embryo. Having said that, overeating is nowhere close to being the solution of the time. What is in fact required is having a balanced diet with more than sufficient amounts of tall essential minerals, proteins, macro and micro vitamins.

A good amount of carbohydrates are also essential in a pregnancy diet. Absence of sufficient starch in the pre natal stage, could lead to the formation of ketone bodies in the blood which are harmful to the fetal brain. For the mother, it can also cause constipation since they provide for the additional iron requirements of the baby.

Fruits are a rich and easy source of vitamins for both the mother and the child. The only slight danger of making way to obesity, especially high risk women who are already over weight or suffer from hypotension and diabetes.

Usually, a good and regulated carbohydrate diet would include fruits, whole wheat and grains with minimal rice, pasta and white flour. A high carb diet usually works better when distributed over a greater number of meals. While salads, nuts and juices are good, processed meat should be avoided at all costs. Lean meat only contains empty calories and negligible nutrients. High levels of salt, spices and sauces and caffeine are a strict no-no. The baby’s health is a direct reflection of the quality of diet of the mother, so optimum care should be taken.

Along with the diet, what is also important is being physically, emotionally and mentally prepared to undergo this crucial period of pregnancy. It is at this time that the love and support of the father and immediate family comes extremely handy as well. While there are numerous significant changes that go on continuously in the body, good pre and postnatal health care is very important for a hassle free birth and health of the mother.

A doctor consultation and intervention in this regard is usually beneficial, as one might tend to ignore facts that could be critical. It is important that the mother to be consults a licensed medical practitioner to determine what diet or course of changes would be most beneficial.

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